Disconnect to Reconnect to self

Are you ready to reset your nervous system?

Rest, Renew, and Rejuvenate in Punta Gorda!

Say Yes and Disconnect From Your Daily Routine.

Nourish yourself with a weekend focused on self-care.

Join our Fall Reiki Infused Self Care from September 27-30th, 2024!

Hosted by Paty 'Mariposa' Hernandez and Libby Creagh.

Self Care Retreat

Why You Need A Self Care Retreat

Reset and Recharge

Step away from your hectic routine and recharge your batteries. Hit the reset button so you can return to your daily life feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Reduce Multi-Directional Stress

Stress can come from a variety of directions and may cause your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health to suffer. Enjoy a peaceful environment where you are lovingly supported.

Nourishing Cuisine

Indulge in locally prepared and delicious meals to nourish your body and soul by our retreat chef who will be present all weekend.

Each dish is blessed with love as our chef prepares fresh and local food.

Before each meal, Paty and Libby will bless the food with Reiki, infusing it with love and healing.

Reiki-Infused Movement and Yoga

Reconnect with your body through gentle movement while outdoors and surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

Experience your feelings as they flow from your body that's been carrying them for too long.

Allow the blocked energy to dissipate over the weekend.

Nature Immersion

Submerse into the healing power of nature as you kick back and feel the quiet around you. Connect with the Earth and allow nature to replenish your spirit and inspire personal growth.

Community and Connection

Connect with like-minded individuals on a similar journey of self-discovery. Forge meaningful connections with participants that can extend beyond the retreat. Experience the transformative power of a supportive community.

Solo Time

Spend time on your own as you choose what you want to do and where you want to go throughout the retreat space.

Hosted By Paty Mariposa & Libby Creagh

Dedicate 4 days to your self-care and healing in Punta Gorda, Fl!

You'll discover how a Reiki Infused Weekend Retreat will help you to Rejuvenate, Recharge, and Renew!

Business and Marketing Coach

"The Reiki Retreat served as a reminder that connection with self is essential, a mandatory relationship, and not an add-on option. It was very relaxing and healing."

- Hyacinth, Retreat Participant

This retreat IS for you if...

  • You've been wanting to get away for the weekend with like-minded people, your friends, loved ones, or on your own.

  • You want to step outside your comfort zone and experience new surroundings.

  • You're ready to join us on this transformative weekend self-care retreat and give yourself the gift of replenishment and self-discovery!

  • You're ready to unplug from the demands of everyday life and dedicate this time to reconnecting with your authentic self.

  • You want to rediscover your inner strength, find balance, and return home with a renewed sense of purpose and well-being.

  • You want to receive more and give less.

Dedicate 4 days and 3 nights

For self-awareness with self-compassion.

Day #1- Friday, September 27: Meet and Greet

Arrive at Solstice Retreat Center by 6pm

Settle In and connection activities

Reiki Infused Guided Meditation with Paty & Sound Healing with Libby

Check in and set intentions

Meal: Dinner

Day #2- Saturday, September 28: Find Your Flow

Solo Time- Personal practice in the sacred space or on the property

Movement: Reiki Infused Yoga, walking meditation, Mariposas' Dance

Group activities: Self-care made easy workshop, Reiki Refresher for Reiki practitioners and chakra workshop for non-Reiki practitioners, Fire ceremony

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day #3- Sunday, September 29: Experience Inner Peace

Solo Time- Personal practice in the sacred space or on the property

Movement: Reiki Infused Yoga, walking meditation, grounding practices, JourneyDance

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Group activities: Yoga Nidra, Oracle reading, Fire ceremony

Day #4- Monday, September 30: Reset & Refreshed

Solo Time- Personal practice in the sacred space or on the property

Group activities: Closing meditation, self care plan discussion, and closing ceremony.

Meal: Brunch

Where's the getaway?

Solstice Punta Gorda is an intimate resort in Southwest Florida, near Sarasota.

There are 7 bungalows with their own bathroom.

Only 15 6 spots available.

Dates: September 27- 30, 2024

Transportation Options (not included)

Fly into Punta Gorda airport and take Uber/Lyft


Drive yourself and park as there's plenty of parking at Solstice.

Retreat includes:

  • Friday dinner,

3 meals on Saturday and Sunday,

Brunch on Monday,

All activities,

Snacks, teas, and water,

Shared room accommodations,

Support for allergy sensitivities to food and environment

Retreat does not include:

Transportation to Solstice

Your Investment:

Full Payment $1350

Payment Plan: $300 deposit, then 2 payments of $588

Last Day To Sign Up September 7th!

* Journey toward your center and unlock a renewed clarity and focus with solo time in nature.

* Enjoy a curated weekend that will help you find your inner balance between your mind, body, and spirit as you connect with Nature.

* Reconnect with your body through gentle movement and invigorating yoga classes!

* Immerse yourself in healing energy activities that will rejuvenate your sacred self.

Meet Your HostS 👇🏼

Hola, I'm Paty! I’m a Stress and Trauma Release Expert with over 20 years of experience in Western and Eastern modalities. Founder of Mariposas Holistic Healing.

I'm known for helping people, especially heart centered professionals, to release stress naturally and understanding how trauma shows up physically, emotionally, and mentally in their minds and bodies.

I help you achieve inner peace. Because when you achieve peace no matter what's coming at you, you're able to maintain resilience in every aspect of your life.

My favorite thing ever is seeing the lightbulb go off when you realize that the healing power is in your hands and that you have access to it all the time – and tuning into your intuition with more regularity with confidence.

Hey there, I'm Libby!

I’m a Yoga Therapist and I use the tools of yoga, meditation, breath work, and Reiki to release stress and create more space for inner joy.

Founder of Essential You Yoga Studio.

I'm known for helping people find tools to help in traumatic situations, such as facing a life-threatening illness or seeing a loved one through end-of-life transition, as well as harnessing these tools to create more resilience to the stress of every day.

I help you create authentic connection with your wise inner self.

My favorite thing ever is seeing the genuine smile of people transformed by this practice.

Email: hola@mariposasreikiretreats.com

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Disclaimer - This Webinar is entirely free and will give you Awareness Into a variety of self care activities for personal growth. Results are not guaranteed or typical. At the end of the event, the retreat plus bonuses will be offered for purchase.

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